Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worm Call

It seems as though the days I troll people are going up in number, I really am thinking of overturning my decision on the theory of De-Evolution. It seems as though the only thing people actually do anymore is troll other people from other countries or other states (for those of us in the USA... which reminds me we are literally the "States of America," if you look at the Declaration of Independence we do not capitalize the word "united").

I got into a serious argument with someone from Germany the other day while playing a game online. Apparently Germany is still pissed that we gang-banged the fuck out of them in WWII... I just yelled a bunch of gibberish at him and left the game but still, are Germans still sour with us because of how far our cock got stuck up their ass?

I mean really guys, are there entire countries out there that are pissed at us??? Were AMERICA we invented crack and disco, who could hate us fun, loving Americans?

Anyways, I'm out. I'll have you tell you guys about last weekend at Ohayocon...

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  1. Good to see you guys here! Lookin' forward to reading your posts. :D