Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Attack Pheromones

So apparently the word "cunt" is a very serious word indeed. I have recently been using it a little bit more than I ever have and the results are not good. I first used this word a few months ago towards one of my friends for stealing food off of my plate in a very uncivilized manner, he made it seem that I was WAYYY overreacting. He has not let it go to this day.

The reason I don't understand this is because we fuck around and call each other almost anything that comes to mind (Bitch, motherfucker, dick, fuckbucket, chodemuffin.... or whatever comes to mind...), but for whatever reason, 'cunt' is too far. Its kinda like the whole 'Jive Turkey' thing in Semi-pro... So after that whole ordeal back in December, I decided to use cunt again, and it was directed at a girl I know, who I CONSTANTLY call a bitch... She quite simply freaked out at me. I can call her a bitch and she wont even think twice about it, but I call her a cunt and she flips a fuck.

So people out there, I want you to use cunt more in common insultery and let me know how it works out, it might just be the worst insult out there to date. Your moment is in.

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