Thursday, February 3, 2011

Truth and Reconciliation

Okay guys, the moment is here... Ohayocon... Now, I have never been to an anime convention before nor did I wish to pay $50 to be at one, so I decided to go to Ohayocon without paying. I was only there to sip the occasional Mountain Dew slash Everclear combo from the random people I could convince I was at least 21...

Friday night, I did little and have no epic story of, I was just taking in the sights of my first con and sneaking through the back hallways marked "staff only" to get into the rooms with the sexy anime chicks. Later I partook in smoking hookah and going home tired and bored.

Saturday night was a different story, I was fully equipped with a 30-pack of Milwaukee's best in my trunk and my friend Caio in the front seat of my car, I knew this was gonna be a night for the record books. Upon arrival to the con we each chugged 3 beers in my car, we proceeded to entering the building and immediately splitting up. There was a hotel in the Convention Center and I was invited to a room on the twelfth floor to drink with some friends...

So  I made it up the elevator to the fourteenth floor and found the room that I thought I was told to go to, room 1406. I knock on the door fruitlessly when someone behind me asks what I am doing, turns out room 1406 is their room and "their" refers to about 3 girls between the ages of hotness, 21 and Vaporeon? Yes, I TURNED around and all I see is a case of beer, a hottie, and a life fucking size VAPOREON!!!

So for whatever their reason, they invited some drooling 19 year-old into their hotel room, for some reason I was somewhat shocked they didn't know my friends that I thought were supposed to be inside of that room, I ended up hanging out with them for an hour or so until I went into the bathroom. When I came out the Vaporeon and the hot one had left. The girl labeled "21" was my least favorite (looking) so I decided it was time to call my friends and WTF at them for trolling me about the room number (which they didn't, I'm just stupid).

*Side note*
For you people who have never been to cons, if you ever call anyone whilst there, the conversation will sound a lot like this:
Me: "Hey, BOBBY"
Bobby: "Where are you at?"
Me: "I don't recognize this hallway, so I don't know"
Bobby: "Come to the food court"
Me: "What??? I can barely hear you!"
Bobby: "Come to the..."

I found bobby about an hour later and it was room 1206 I was supposed to go to... My bad.

I ended up leaving the convention center for a while to go to an OSU party which I was specifically invited, which doesn't happen enough IMO, I took Caio and Chase with me on this epic journey of about 20 blocks away. This is a story for another day... Or tomorrow.

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