Friday, February 11, 2011

Despair is in the Air

I recently realized that I had created a blog and decided to neglect it no further. So currently I feel as though the life I know it is coming to an end (NO, I AM NOT SOME EMO FUCK CRYING OUT FOR HELP). I have been living a life of luxury and leisure, but it so seems that my coin purse has been somewhat emptier than usual and I may have to resort in getting another job. I knew this day was coming and I embrace it with open arms (consider that I am holding an assault rifle).

My current schedule is:
Wake up (noonish, or WAYYY toooo early on class days)
Class (2pm-6pm or 9am-12pm)
League of Legends (until passout/ragequit)

As you can see I am a very busy person, If I were to get a job my LoL time would be severely decreased which will simply not do. A solution to this problem could be winning the lottery, so I have devised an elaborate scheme of brilliance. I figured out that if I simply buy enough lottery tickets to cover every single combination that I will always win!!! TAKE THAT STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY!!!


Why do the boyfriends of girls I talk to always try to call me out and tell me not to talk to the girl anymore??? I haven't talked to this one bitch in like god knows how long, and she messages me on facebook, turns out that I wasn't actually at my computer so when I end up seeing the instant message she was offline. So I do the decent thing and decide to text her saying that I was away from my computer. So I get a text back from someone claiming to be "her boyfriend" and that he "would reall apreshate it if 'I' stoped txting her."

WTF MOTHERFUCKER??? SHE MESSAGED ME FIRST!!! Now all I wanna do is rage endlessly at him, Ill go Tryn on his ass for 5 fucking seconds... THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO TELL ME NOT TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME FIRST!!! What if this girl was legitimately my best friend? I'm pretty sure that would make him a motherfucking NAZI, only Gestappo would go around telling people they cant talk to other people...


That motherfucker specifically said to stop "txting her" maybe I'll call her ass just to make him rage... That would be fucking sweet...

Anyways, here is a song that is fucking sweet.


  1. I remember rocking out to this song when we were like... twelve? Good times, man... good times.

  2. haha, as we would playfully fight in your basement or on the trampoline.

  3. yeah i guess a lot of boyfriends get jealous when other guys talk to their girlfriends its understandable since so many people cheat. i wouldnt be too upset about it. good luck with the lottery!

  4. oh and maybe u should tell him that she was the one to initiate the convo see what he says

  5. lol yeah i hate it when I run out of cash and have to start working again...luckily, in my country, the government gives me a fair amount of money for not working ($545 / fortnight. My rent is $230 / fortnight) so its not too bad.